Chocolate City El Septimo Cigar bar and lounge

When designing the lounge, safety and ventilation were a must. 11 cameras inside and out as well as 6 Blue ox smoke water air outtake units.
Attenton to detail in all areas, including over sized restrooms. After visitng many lounges around the country, we decided to double the size of our restrooms for comfort and accessibility.
The walk-in humidor is over 200 sq ft and holds over 2000 premium cigars. The lounge also has a member-only VIP area with a capacity of 25, with 3 75” TV screens, for your viewing pleasure.
The front and rear patio has beautiful views of the Vegas skyline with seating for 30 and a full food and alcohol menu.

Our main seating area

The main lounge seats over 40 and has a premium sound system with 11 drop down speakers with great sound quality. There are 3 music zones which allow us to play different music in the lounge, VIP and patio.
The interior design and furnishings are modern and breathtaking.
Chocolate City El Septimo also boasts a full-service kitchen with a delectable food menu, which include New Zealand lamb chops, lobster bites, catfish with truffle fries and many more items.
Come experience a premium cigar lounge and make Chocolate City El Septimo your cigar home.